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"I'm 69 years old and have the first mole I've ever had. It's in front right at the bra band line, so that's an inconvenient place to have one. It was almost 3/4 inch long and raised up about an eighth of an inch from the skin surface when I called my doctor to make an appointment to have it removed. The appointment was scheduled for a month away. I have both regular Rapha Remedy and [Rapha Remedy P73 Wild Oregano]. Since the mole was rather large, I started using the [Rapha] Remedy with [P73 Wild Oregano]. I kept the jar in the bathroom and would apply some everytime I walked in there. By the time my doctor appointment rolled around, the mole was about three-quarters gone! I kept the appointment, but told the Doctor what I was doing with the Rapha Remedy. He checked the mole, and said, 'Keep doing what you're doing.' I did not have to have the mole cut off. About 5 days later, the mole was totally gone! I have just ordered another jar of Rapha Remedy [P73 Wild Oregano] as I don't want to run out in case I have any future skin problems. It has been totally amazing to me that this product could do such a complete job of getting rid of a rather large mole."
- Amber R.

I had a bug bite with red streaks, it's now gone using Rapha Remedy.
- Sheila, TN

My 4 year old son had a problem with chaffing around his mouth. It would not clear up and when I took him to the doctor he said it was just chapped and that it would eventually go away. We waited four weeks without it clearing up. My mother gave me a sample of Rapha Remedy. We applied it around his mouth and the next day when we woke up we were going to continue use but it wasn't neccesary because the chaffing was all cleared up.
- Tabitha, OH

After wearing dentures for many years I aquired a sore on the roof of my mouth. After applying Rapha Remedy to the sore I have had no further problems with that area of my mouth.
- Janie, OH

" Rapha Remedy saved me a trip to the Emergency Room." I had cut my finger and Rapha sealed the wound enough to stop the bleeding. I continued to apply Rapha for a few days and have no scars from the cut.
- Betty, OH

My neighbor shared a sample of Rapha with me. I had severe psoriasis on my knees and elbows. I have been treated by Physicians for years with no relief. I am now completely cleared up.
- Anonymous, CA

I have suffered from psoriasis for 20 years. Using Rapha Remedy has cleared it up. I believe that Rapha has completely taken care of the problem.
- Gloria, ??

I had seen a Doctor for what he suspected was dermatitis on both of my hands. I used Rapha Remedy and it took it all away.
- Mary, OH

"Rapha Remedy is Great." Thank God for your hard work!
- Helen, FL

I woke up at 4am one morning in alot of pain from a sty that I had in my eye. I applied Rapha Remedy to my eye and eye lid. At 7am that same day the pain and the sty was completley gone.
- Deanna, FL

I have had cracked, dry knuckles and after using Rapha Remedy they are completley cleared up. My psoriasis is almost completley gone too. - Kelly, OH

I smoked for years and got wrinkles around my mouth. After applying Rapha Remedy the wrinkles are gone.
- Anonymous, GA

I have been using Rapha Remedy on my toe nail fungus that I have had for awhile now. After only 6 weeks of using Rapha my toenails are almost completly clear.
- Linda, PA

I have cancer and broke out in an awful rash. With only one application of Rapha Remedy the rash was completley gone.
- Helen, AR

Rapha Remedy worked great for my sever back and shoulder pain from an
automoblie accident.
- Joe, CA

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